CBS Covers for McCain – Again

Two days ago, CBS altered an interview with John McCain where he made another major policy gaffe, this time in the timeline of the Iraq war. They didn’t just edit McCain’s response to the question, they completely changed his response (using the answer from a different question).

As MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann reported, “CBS curiously, to say the least, left it on the edit room floor. It aired Katie Couric’s question, but in response, it inserted part of McCain’s answer to another question instead.”

What CBS did was to change McCain’s response from one which showed his lack of understanding of his signature subject of Foreign Policy and turned it into an attack on Obama saying Barack Obama “cares more about winning the election than winning a war.” Watch the side-by-side below

Now, CBS has done it again. This time, they scrubbed McCain saying “The fact is we had four years of failed policy. We were losing. We were losing the war in Iraq. The consequences of failure and defeat of the United States of America in the first major conflict since 9/11 would have had devastating impacts throughout the region and the world.”

Apparently, the Senator forgot about Afghanistan.

In case you need a refresher, here is the timeline:

  • September 11, 2001, attack on the twin towers
  • October 7, 2001, US begins war with Afghanistan
  • March 19, 2003, US begins war with Iraq
  • May 1, 2003, Bush announces Mission Accomplished

If you want an extended timeline, from 2003 to present, click here.

Should you be as outraged as I am, feel free to express yourself to the CBS ombudsman at (more contact information below).

It’s time we take back our media. Keep reading to find out how.

Oregon Activist over at TPMM had a good comment about media activism. I am reposting it here:

Media Activism 101

1: Know your key message and be able to include it in every response and every opportunity. Sure, you might get lampooned by Jon Stewart, but even in the lampoon your message is repeated 20 times.

2: Speak in terms of values and beliefs, not with facts and figures. If people are not moved by your values argument, they will not believe your facts and figures anyway.

3: Project a unified worldview. Believe it or not, the Right has condensed every issue to three main ideas:

a) the rugged individual, bootstraps, go it alone American;

b) government interferes with people, not a solution, gets in the way, limited role;

c) the market is the solution for all problems. Doesn’t matter whether it’s education, health care or the environment, they can trot those three ideas out and they do, constantly reinforcing a unified worldview. We don’t do that!

We could project a unified worldview that

a) we are all in this together, that we are a community with a shared responsibility to help each other thrive;

b) government is best suited to address social problems when people have the power to hold it accountable; and….the problem is that we have not defined a good counter-worldview that we all agree on.

4: Write letters, call in complaints. One time years ago I called the editor of the Oregonian and after he said “Why should I care what your think?” and I countered because you don’t want to look unethical, he looked into my complaint and even wrote an perfect editorial addressing my complaint. Track objective info about your local media and then meet with them to discuss your concerns – with stats on #’s of stories, etc.

5: Read Talking the Walk by Makani Themba-Nixon

6. Go to Grassroots Policy Project and download and read everything. Toss Don’t Think of an Elephant in the trash.

If you want to read more about how we might take the media back, read this, this and this. Be sure to read all the comments, too. Many are quite good. Raider99 and Ripper McCord, at TPMM, started the ball. It’s time for us to pick it up and run with it.

Here is a list of contact information for many media outlets across the country.

Psssst…do something! To start, distribute this post far and wide.

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  1. Police State said,

    July 26, 2008 at 3:52 am

    Lazy people work double.AnonymousAnonymous

  2. MsJoanne said,

    July 26, 2008 at 5:33 am

    #1, you have an interesting blog. Too bad you came here to blogwhore and didn’t even take the time to post something worthwhile. Good thing you have a decent blog or I would have spammed you.

  3. July 27, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    The man who speaks softly and gets hit with a big stick.HaroldT.WebsterHarold T. Webster, describing his character Caspar Milquetoast

  4. MsJoanne said,

    July 27, 2008 at 5:48 pm

    Softly…but often.

    It is us who must take action to take back the media.

  5. Iraq War said,

    July 28, 2008 at 1:56 am

    It is no secret nowadays, particularly to women, that many American males, even those of middle-aged appearance, wearing suits and holding down jobs, are in fact, incredible as it sounds, still small boys inside.ThomasPynchonThomas Pynchon

  6. americalives said,

    July 29, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    mccain got a question on the timeline of the war on terror wrong.

    we have finally caught him ladies and gentlemen

    mccain is no longer an american hero. he knows nothing about foreign policy. he doesnt understand how the military works. he wasnt one of the first to criticize rummy and advocate saving that torture chamber of a war that is now stabilized.

    after all he doesnt even know the timeline of the war

    we bloggers know the timeline better than mccain — quick someone sound the alarm john mccain is clueless.


  7. MsJoanne said,

    July 29, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    Being a war hero does not, even remotely, equate to having foreign policy experience. That you cannot understand that is the most fundamental failing in everything you are saying.

    He is PAID to know this stuff. He makes $160,000+ annually to know this stuff. He doesn’t know the difference between Shia’a and Sunni, which is the crux of why we are having problems in Iraq. He changes his policies daily. He has had a whopping 71 flip-flops to date. Read it and weep:

    If you want to apologize for his many failings, go for it. What CBS did was disgusting and that still remains as I stated.

    And you should pay attention more than just hating Obama. If you don’t like him, fine, but your St. McCain is far from anything you make him out to be. It would take 1000 McCain’s to equal Obama’s brains. And our country needs someone with brains.

    Our economy sucks. Healthcare sucks. Jobs are shrinking. People are losing their houses.

    Wake up, man!

  8. MsJoanne said,

    July 29, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    BTW, americalives, I see that you moderated out my comment at your site.

    Scared of the truth?

    How about I repost it here, just for you:

    Obama’s Senate record in a nutshell:

    Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 570 bills in the 109th and 110th Congress.

    Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 15 bills that have become LAW since he joined the Senate in 2005.

    Senator Obama has also introduced amendments to 50 bills, of which 16 were adopted by the Senate.

    Obama’s Senate Record in Detail:

    Of the 15 bills Senator Obama sponsored or co-sponsored in 2005-7 that became law:

    Two addressed foreign policy:
    Promote relief, security and democracy in the Congo (2125)
    Develop democratic institutions in areas under Palestinian control (2370).

    Three addressed public health:
    Improve mine safety (2803)
    Increased breast cancer funding (597)
    Reduce preterm delivery and complications, reduce infant mortality (707).

    Two addressed openness and accountability in government:
    Strengthening the Freedom of Information Act (248
    Full disclosure of all entities receiving federal funds (2590)

    Two addressed national security
    Extend Terrorist Risk Insurance (467)
    Amend the Patriot Act (2167)

    One addressed the needs of the Armed Forces
    Wave passport fees to visit graves, attend memorials/funerals of veterans abroad (1184).

    Of the 570 bills Senator Obama introduced into the Senate during the 109th and 110th Congress (Senate Bill numbers are in parentheses), they can be summarized as follows:

    25 addressed Energy Efficiency and Climate Change
    Suspend royalty relief for oil and gas (115)
    Reduce dependence on oil; use of alternative energy sources (133)
    Increase fuel economy standards for cars (767, 76
    Auto industry incentives for fuel efficient vehicles (1151)
    Reduce green house gas emissions (1324)
    Establish at NSF a climate change education program (1389)
    Increase renewable content of gasoline (2202)
    Energy emergency relief for small businesses and farms (269)
    Strategic gasoline and fuel reserves (1794)
    Alternative diesel standards (3554)
    Coal to liquid fuel promotion (3623)
    Renewable diesel standards (1920)
    Reducing global warming pollution from vehicles (2555)
    Fuel security and consumer choice (1994, 2025)
    Alternative energy refueling system (2614)
    Climate change education (1389)
    Low income energy assistance (2405)
    Oil savings targets (339)
    Fuel economy reform (3694)
    Plug-in electric drive vehicles (1617)
    Nuclear release notice (234
    Passenger rail investment (294)
    Energy relief for low income families (2405)

    21 addressed Health Care
    Drug re-importation (334)
    Health information technology (1262, 141
    Discount drug prices (2347)
    Health care associated infections (227
    Hospital quality report cards (692, 1824)
    Medical error disclosure and compensation (1784)
    Emergency medical care and response (1873)
    Stem cell research (5)
    Medical Malpractice insurance (1525)
    Health centers renewal (901, 3771)
    Children’s health insurance (401)
    Home health care (2061)
    Medicare independent living (2103)
    Microbicides for HIV/AIDS (823)
    Ovarian cancer biomarker research (2569)
    Gynological cancers (1172)
    Access to personalized medicine through use of human genome (976)
    Paralysis research and care (1183)

    20 addressed Public Health:
    Violence against women (1197)
    Biodefense and pandemic preparedness and response (1821, 1880)
    Viral influenza control (969)
    End homelessness (151
    Reduce STDs/unintended pregnancy (1790)
    Smoking prevention and tobacco control (625)
    Minority health improvement and disparity elimination (4024)
    Nutrition and physical education in schools (2066)
    Health impact assessments (1067, 2506)
    Healthy communities (106
    Combat methamphetamines (2071)
    Paid sick leave (910)
    Prohibit mercury sales (833, 181
    Prohibit sale of lead products (1306, 2132)
    Lead exposure in children (1811, 2132)

    14 address Consumer Protection/Labor
    Stop unfair labor practices (842)
    Fair minimum wage (2, 1062, 2725, 3829)
    Internet freedom (2917)
    Credit card safety (2411)
    Media ownership (2332)
    Protecting taxpayer privacy (2484)
    Working family child assistance (21
    Habeus Corpus Restoration (185)
    Bankruptcy protection for employees and retirees (2092)
    FAA fair labor management dispute resolution (2201)
    Working families flexibility (2419).

    13 addressed the Needs of Veterans and the Armed Forces:
    Improve Benefits (117)
    Suicide prevention (479)
    Needs of homeless veterans (1180)
    Homes for veterans (1084)
    GI Bill enhancement (43)
    Military job protection
    Dignity in care for wounded vets (713)
    Housing assistance for low income veterans (1084)
    Military children in public schools (2151)
    Military eye injury research and care (1999)
    Research physical/mental health needs from Iraq War (1271)
    Proper administration of discharge for personality disorder (1817, 1885)
    Security of personal data of veterans (3592)

    12 addressed Congressional Ethics and Accountability
    Lobbying and ethics reform (230)
    Stop fraud (2280)
    Legislative transparency and accountability (525)
    Open government (2180, 248
    Restoring fiscal discipline (10)
    Transparency and integrity in earmarks (2261)
    Accountability of conference committee deliberations and reports (2179)
    Federal funding accountability and transparency (2590)
    Accountability and oversight for private security functions under Federal
    contract (674)
    Accountability for contractors and personnel under federal contracts
    (2147) Resctrictions awarding government contracts (2519)

    10 addressed Foreign Policy:
    Iraq war de-escalation (313)
    US policy for Iraq (433),
    Divestiture from Iran (1430)
    Sudan divestment authorization (831)
    Millennium Development Goals (2433)
    Multilateral debt relief (1320)
    Development bank reform (1129)
    Nuclear nonproliferation (3131,977,2224).

    9 address Voting/Elections
    Prohibit deceptive practices in Federal elections (453)
    Voter access to polls and services in Federal elections (737)
    Voter intimidation and deceptive practices (1975)
    Senate campaign disclosure parity (185)
    Require reporting for bundled campaign contributions (2030)
    Election jamming prevention (4102)
    Campaign disclosure parity (223)
    Presidential funding (2412)
    Integrity of electronic voting systems (1487)

    11 addressed Education
    Increase access of low income African Americans to higher education (1513)
    Establish teaching residency programs (1574)
    Increase early intervention services (2111)
    Middle school curriculum improvements (2227)
    Public database of scholarships, fellowships and financial aid (242
    Summer learning programs (116)
    TANF financial education promotion (924)
    Higher education (1642)
    Build capacity at community colleges (379)
    Campus law enforcement in emergencies (122
    Support for teachers (2060).

    6 addressed Hurrican Katrina
    Hurricane Katrina recovery (2319)
    Emergency relief (1637)
    Bankruptcy relief and community protection (1647)
    Working family tax relief (2257)
    Fair wages for recovery workers (1749)
    Gulf coast infrastructure redevelopment (1836)

    5 addressed the Environment
    Drinking water security (218, 1426)
    Water resources development (72
    Waste water treatment (1995)
    Combat illegal logging (1930)
    Spent nuclear fuel tracking and Acountability (1194)
    Asian Carp Prevention and Control Act (Introduced in Senate)[S.726.IS ]

    4 addressed Discrimination
    Claims for civil class action based on discrimination (1989)
    Domestic partnership benefits (2521)
    Unresolved civil rights crimes (535)
    Equality or two parent families (2286)

    4 addressed Homeland Security
    Judicial review of FISA orders (2369)
    National emergency family locator (1630)
    Amend US Patriot Act (2167)
    Chemical security and safety (2486)

  9. americalives said,

    July 29, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    ms joanne ur comment is up on my site loud and clear and i responded to it

    if theres one thing i believe in a freedom of the press/speech

    i would never deleted a response in order to look right. look again. i actually love debated you. u have ideas. this whole politics thing is ideas. u are the knife and i am the stone ms joanne. lets rub our ideas together and sharpen them

  10. americalives said,

    July 29, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    ms joanne dont you think 15/570 shows a problem getting legislation threw thats like 3 percent success rate passing his ideas threw. maybe that is the average rate i could be wrong it just seems shall i say thin.

    i dont know mccains legislative history as indept as u know obamas

    but i know the man has sponsored legislation that matters to everyday americans



    where mac bucked his party in favor of his convictions and tried to clean up the politics game with public finance.

    btw there is a guy who backed out of said public financing after he said he wouldnt
    whos that again


    did not pass thanks to talk radio but tried to solve this immigration mess and convinced good ole ted to put some penalties forth for illegals

    mccain liberman is another to look into

    another thing you should look into ms joanne

    john mccain requested 0 dollars in earmarks in the calendar year of 2007

    how many dollars did obama request.

    lemme know if u cant find it

  11. MsJoanne said,

    July 29, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    How’s this for McCain’s earmarks?

    He ignored McCain-Feingold. He actually broke the law by putting up the funds he was expected to get for public financing as collateral as a loan. Since there was no FEC, it went into the abyss, just like everything else that Bush decimated.

    Honestly, you need to look further into your candidate.

    He is not everything you think he is. But it appears, from a different thread, that you are a social conservative who wants to vote on social issues.

    The sad thing is that Obama is better there, too.

  12. americalives said,

    July 29, 2008 at 7:03 pm










    Obama’s earmarks!

    YMCA of the USA, for pioneering for healthy communities, $5,000,000 YMCA of the USA launched the Pioneering Healthier Communities initiative to jump-start healthy and sustainable community leadership, and to change strategies across the country to rapidly and dynamically advance efforts to curb the chronic disease and obesity epidemics.

    University of Illinois, College of Agriculture Consumer and Environmental Sciences, for the Center for Advanced Bioenergy Research, $1,000,000 The Center will create a facilitative structure for outreach, teaching and research efforts in areas related to bioenergy systems. Research at the Center will focus on the increased output of energy, based on renewable biological resources.
    Southern Illinois University, for the National Corn to Ethanol Research Center, $2,000,000 The National Corn to Ethanol research facility located in the research Park of Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, is the only full-scale corn to ethanol testing facility in the nation.

    Lewis University Airport in Romeoville, for the extension of its primary runway, $3,420,000 The runway extension is to allow existing based and visiting corporate aircraft to safely and efficiently operate at Will County’s Airport.

  13. MsJoanne said,

    July 30, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    First off, earmarks are not bad. Of the four you posted, the only one I might question is the last.

    McCain is all for earmarks for his state. He changed his tune (again) when he started running for president.

    I am sorry. You like him. I see McCain as nothing but a lying panderer (worse than Bush in that respect!)

  14. americalives said,

    July 31, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    O’Reilly Factor bombshell

    Dick Morris slips and states that the only way McCain can win is by scaring the electorate enough in order to demonize Obama!

    Get all the details of that conversation @

    How do you think the Obama campaign should respond, and do you think that this is truly the only way that McCain can win? Doesn’t the center have more options than Morris gives him credit for ?

  15. John Reed said,

    August 9, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Thanks! Really interesting. I wish i could spend my time on writing articles…just have no time for it.

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