Frank Zappa was always my hero when I was growing up. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention was the first concert I ever attended. Many of his philosophies were some that too few people know of or appreciate. He had contempt for lying, irrational thought, and saw most of the public as, well, stupid. He neither drank nor did drugs. He was also not an easy man to get along with.

Frank Zappa was also an old school Republican, before being conservative was hijacked by the Neo-Con’s of today. (That’s OK Frank, no one is perfect.)

He also didn’t care much about what people thought of him.

He testified during the Tipper Gore Musical Obscenity congressional hearing. When Sen. Slade Gorton (R-WA) threatened him with Contempt of Congress, he replied, “Go ahead Senator, I already hold you in contempt.”

It is in that spirit that this blog was created.

This blog is dedicated to living a good life. We hope to impart information you can use (or not), fun, facts, and more.

So, Think Left, Live Right, and Live Frankly!

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